What I’m Doing Now

By Marta Korowaj

I'm in London, UK.

I've just come back from a short trip to Amsterdam, Holland, with my partner and my sister. Together with my sister we saw Depeche Mode perform. I don't like stadium gigs and looked for a small venue on this tour - it really paid off. Great sound quality and visibility (long live standing places and early arrivals!), friendly atmosphere and energising interaction between the band and the crowd. I doubt I'll ever go to a stadium concert again. 

Right now I'm focused on:

redesigning my portfolio to include my latest UX / UI / digital work

looking for the next, ideally longish, design contract

studying Buddhism and Modern Psychology at Princeton

extending the house I live in which right now means dealing with trial pits and late detailed design stages

compiling all necessary documentation for a British citizenship application

running in South East London parks and woods, meditating and Qi Gong

Last update: May 09, 2017.
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